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Earth Day Math – Free Webinar – Apr 14 2020 8 PM ET

Click here to register.  Click here to see some of the ideas we will illustrate.


       Conferences and Workshops Where I Will Be Presenting in 2020

Click on the links below for more information – especially the T3 conference and the Exeter Academy conference

Jan 11  Cleveland State University preservice PD

Jan 14  Lakeview High School  Climate presentations

Jan 18  UTEP El Paso math and science preservice PD

Jan 25  DACTM Detroit math teachers SAT workshop

Jan 28  Webinar about SAT prep for TI and T3

Jan 29  Mahoning Valley Math Forum Fitch High School

Feb 01 MMC conference Chicago, 4 presentations

Feb 04 TCEA conference, presentation on coding, Rover

Feb 07-08  Logan, WV  3rd and 4th days of TI-84 CE PD

Feb 11-12 Albuquerque Digital Learning Conference

Mar 03  Houston Alies ISD PD



Mar 13-15  T3 International Conference Dallas, 3 talks

Mar 28  LHMA Conference Johnston, PA, 2 talks

Mar 30-Apr 01  NCSM Chicago

Apr 02-04 NCTM Chicago

Apr 06-09 Texas Leadership Summits

Apr 14  Earth Day Math Webinar about Plastic Straw Pollution

Apr 23-25  MN Math Conference Duluth

Apr 29 – May 1  Parkersburg, WV, 3 days of SAT PD

May 06-08  WMC Wisconsin Math Conference, 3 talks

Jun 18  PSU Behrend, Keynote and 1 presentation

Jun 21-26  Exeter Academy 2 courses    Get Info here!
31 -Mathematically Model Real-World Data with Social  

            Implications:Opioids, Climate, Payday Loans, More

     32 -Prepare Your Students Completely for ACT/SAT Exams:

            Strategies, Test Items, Activities, Tech Ideas

Professional Development Available

ACT Math Prep: 1, 2, or 3 days

Problem Solving Strategies

TI-84 and TI-84 TI-SmartView

iPad Ideas

Creative Math Activities

SAT Math Prep: 1, 2, or 3 days

Integrating Appropriate Technologies

TI-Nspire handhelds, software, iPad app

***including the new TI-Nspire CX II !

Individualized Problems and Assessments

Math Modeling and Social Issues

Excellent Questioning Techniques

SMART Boards

Programming for Each Student

Math Practices

Contact me to discuss your needs and my availability: tom@tomreardon.com


Conferences and Workshops Where I Presented in 2019

The following links are either to the registration for the event before the event or to the information about the talks after the event:

Jan 03       Nashville, TN, ACT Test prep PD

Jan 15       Howland, OH, ACT Test prep  PD

Jan 26       Chicago, IL, MMC conference: 3 talks

Feb 05      Martinsburg, WV  Exam Prep PD

Feb 6-7     San Antonio, TX, TCEA conference: 2 talks

Mar 8-10  Baltimore, MD, T3 conference: 3 talks

Mar 11-12 Lexington, KY, KCM conference: 1 talk

Mar 27      Youngstown State U, Climate Change talk

Apr 1-3      San Diego, NCSM conference: 1 talk

Apr 4-6      San Diego, NCTM conference:  1 talk

Apr 26-27 Duluth, MN, Minnesota conference: 2 talks

May 2-3     Green Lake, WMC Wisconsin conf: 3 talks

Jun 15-16   Chicago, IL, USACAS conference: 1 talk

Jun 20-21  T3 Summit, Baltimore, MD, TBD

Jun 24-28  Exeter NH Math conference

Math Modeling and Social Awareness, Climate Change

Jul 10-12   San Antonio, TX, CAMT: 5 talks

Jul 15-16   Las Vegas, Mu Alpha Theta: 4 talks


Jul 22-23   Ole Miss University: 2-day PD on technology

Jul 24-25   Student Success Summit in WV: 2 talks

Jul 29-30   Denver, Colorado CTM conference: 2 talks

Jul31-Aug1  Grand Rapids, Michigan CTM: 3 talks

Aug 7-8     Harrisburg, Pennsylvania CTM: 3 talks

Sep 05      ACT Math Prep one day of PD Mentor, OH

Sep 10-11 San Jose, CA 2 days of PD on SAT Math prep

Sep 12-13 Los Angeles, CA 2 days of PD on SAT Math prep

Sep 26-27 Boston, NCTM regional: 1 talk

Oct 3-4      Nashville, NCTM regional: 3 talks

Oct 11-12 Portland, OR, NW math conference TBD

Oct 17-18  Salt Lake City, NCTM regional: 2 talks

Oct 24-25  Kalahari, Ohio CTM conference: 4 talks

Oct 25-26  Alaska Math Conference, Anchorage: 3 talks

Nov 05      HEB ISD Dallas: Grades 8 to 12

Nov 15-16 CMC South Palm Springs, CA:  2 talks

Dec 6-8      CMC North Pacific Grove, CA: 1 talk

My Blog of Math Activities

Burning of Fossil Fuels and Carbon

US Opioid Overdose Modeling Activity

Greenland Ice Mass Variations

Ohio Opioid Overdose Modeling Activity

LED Lighting Cost per Kilolumen

Payday Loan Companies

Global Electric Cars on the Road

Hot Car Temperature Deaths – Modeling & Awareness

Wind Chill – A Fun Math and STEM Activity

Earth Day: Plastic Straw Pollution Activity

Prius versus Corolla – Which is More Economical?

Super Bowl LIII (53) 2019 Math Activity

Climate Change and Normal Curves

U.S. Debt Activity



ACHIVE (old info)

Fitch Math Students and Parents Click Here for Class Notes