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“With every mistake, we must surely be learning.”    -- George Harrison       email:  tom@tomreardon.com

 Link to “all my stuff”  Over 400 MB of TI-Nspire activities, Player Files, and my CD. Also includes the files from my talks. 

The TI-Nspire Apps for iPad are now available. Click here for more information, videos, links, …      

Click here to see a video overview of the TI-Nspire App for iPad – must see!

Click here to see videos of the NEW TI-84 C (COLOR) Graphing Calculator


Conferences and Workshops Where I Will Be Presenting in 2014


FETC Jan 28-31 Orlando                             NSTA Apr 2-5 Boston                                         TIME Conference Jul 1-5 Krenz, Austria

TCEA Feb 3-7 Austin                                   NCTM Apr 9-12 New Orleans                            Taft Educational Center Jul 7-11  CT

T3 Mar 7-9 Las Vegas                                  Minnesota CTM May 2-3 Duluth                        Mu Alpha Theta Convention Jul 20-22 Orlando

Kentucky Math Conference Mar 10-11      Exeter Math Conference Jun 22-27 NH           CAMT Jul 21-23 Fort Worth

ICTCM Mar 20-23 San Antonio


Link to The Wind Chill Activity – posted January 8, 2014

The Wind Chill Activity is for the TI-84 or the TI-Nspire. All materials are found

at the link above – including helpful videos. Enjoy this CCSS and STEM activity.


11 Short videos (1 to 2 minutes) Illustrating Some of the NEW Features in TI-Nspire from June, 2012. Click a link to see the video.

Linear Equation Templates           Graph x =g(y)                        Graph x>g(y), x<g(y)             EZ Conics: Parabolas         


EZ Conics: Ellipses                        EZ Conics: Circles                EZ Conics: Hyperbolas          EZ Conics: Par, Ell, Cir, Hyp         


Construct Conics Geometrically   Drag and drop screen capture      Analyze Conics: Foci, directrix, eccentricity, vertices, asymptotes    


14 Short Videos (2 to 4 minutes) Showing COLOR in the TI-Nspire CX Handheld

Click a link below to see the video. 

  Algebra1             Geometry                 Algebra 2               Precalculus                 MiddleSchool       Data Collection     What is color CX and 3.0(6 minutes)

  (Multiple Reps)              (Area Formulas)                     (Circle, Area, Per)             (Conic Sections)                     (Pie & Bar Charts)            (Walk the Line)                    (What is new and summary of other 13 videos)


 Calculus1of3     Calculus2of3       Calculus3of3           Modeling1of3        Modeling2of3       Modeling3of3        PublishView

  (LRAM, MRAM)                (3D Graphing)                (Differential Eq Graphs)              (Guess ‘n Check)                (Lists & Spreadsheet)       (Data & Statistics)             (Prepare and Share)



Fitch Math Students and Parents Click Here for Class Notes

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